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Social Security: The Choice of a Lifetime


How - and when - you file could increase your annual benefit by as much as 80%.


Filing for Social Security benefits is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make. That’s why we call it the choice of a lifetime. At this seminar, we learned many filing rules and strategies to make the choice that fits with your overall retirement income plan.

You can download your statement at the Social Security website: and start planning now.

Feel free to CONTACT US for more information.

The Social Security 360 Analyzer can help you and your financial professional or Retirement Specialist prepare a strategy to help optimize your benefits.


The Analyzer is a powerful tool designed to calculate personalized filing strategy options that could help you have more monthly retirement income, more ways to fight inflation, and more income security for a surviving spouse or heirs


After filling out, please email the forms to  Thank you so much.

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