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Meet Our Team


Elena Collins

Marketing and Business Strategist

Elena has been in marketing for 24 years and has a background in business strategy and sales.  Her care and focus have always been on what people are passionate about and making a difference.   She strives to make true connections and positive relationships.


Elena joined Tom’s team in 2023 and concentrates her efforts in:


  • Marketing & Business Development

  • Client Outreach/Communication

  • Business Strategy

  • Enriching Client Experiences and Value

  • Connecting, Networking, and Collaborating


Having had bicultural experiences since childhood along with her beliefs, exposed her to many different aspects and points of view which have given her the ability to see and understand life from different and unique perspectives.


Elena has always had a love of the arts and enjoys traveling, hiking, and adventure.

Office: 636-777-7032 
Fax: 636-777-7013 
Email: ecollins

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