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Individual Services


Comprehensive Financial Services

Financial matters can be complicated.  Building a portfolio, preparing for retirement, saving for college, preparing for the unexpected, and protecting your estate (so you can pass it on to your children) are all complex and often involved. Handling all of them on your own can be monumental.  


A Carillon Group advisor can help you make sense of all of these tasks. Our Financial Advisors can comprehensively examine your financial situation and help you tailor a financial plan to help ensure you make decisions that are in line with your larger financial goals.


We are backed by the resources, safety and longevity of a large broker dealer firm, but still maintain the personalized attention our clients deserve. We use industry leading planning systems and a diverse set of tools to help provide a customized strategy designed to meet your goals and objectives.


Retirement Income Planning

During the first half of your financial life, you collect your paycheck, figure out how much you can afford every month to contribute (wealth contribution) to your nest egg, and carefully contribute that amount into your 401(k) or some other retirement account (wealth accumulation). If you’re lucky, maybe you have a pension you’re counting on to be there. In the second half of your financial life, things tend to get more complicated. The consequences of making a mistake can be more costly, because now you’re taking money out of your accounts regularly (wealth distribution), and you no longer have your steady paycheck to invest. Let our experienced advisors help you answer some of the following critically important questions:


  • How are you going to create reliable income for me in retirement?  

  • How are you protecting me in the event of a market downturn?  What happens when the markets lose 40-50%?

  • How are you going to protect my nest egg, but also preserve my purchasing power so I can pay my bills over a long timeframe?

  • What if I live a long life?  Will I run out of money?


Estate and Legacy Planning

Most retirees hope to leave some sort of financial gift to their loved ones and/or a favorite charity (wealth transfer), but the planning often gets pushed to the back burner. We believe it must be included as part of your overall financial strategy to make sure everyone gets what you want them to have, and in a way that isn’t burdened by taxes. Our experienced and qualified Carillon Group professionals (AEP-Accredited Estate Planners) can provide personal strategies tailored for you.


Insurance Planning

Whether it’s an unexpected death of a loved one, an illness or injury that prevents you from working, or life events that require you to seek assistance with activities of daily living, you have to be prepared. To successfully navigate these unexpected and potentially devastating events in our lives, you must understand your capacity and tolerance for risk and understand your options on how to shift these risks through insurance if needed. We provide consultation and recommendations in areas concerning personal insurance ranging from life, disability and long-term care insurance.

Associates & Staff

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