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photo of Juliana Gonzalez Rasmuson

Juliana Gonzalez Rasmuson

Financial Professional - Chicago Location

Julianna is a financial professional with the Carillon Group and works out of the Chicago office.  Juliana works with immigrant people helping them to build a better future in this Country for themselves and their generations.  She is very committed in working with Latin Women on Financial Education and Retirement plans.


She has a degree in Psychology, and that helps her connect with her clients on a deeper level.  Understanding the different reality and economy that everyone is living in right now gives her the opportunity to really impact the world for the better. 


Juliana is energetic and passionate about bringing financial literacy to the community and beyond. Her purpose is to help as many people as she can. Because as an immigrant, so many times you don’t know what your options are as you get older and it’s important that they learn how to do the best with what they have.


Juliana is from Colombia and has been living in Chicago for a little over five years.  She is married and has a one-year-old son. 

Office: 773-443-6965
Fax: 773-938-9963

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