Imelda "Ann" Gavin, LUTCF, CLTC

Advisor Emeritus

Office: 636-777-7040
Fax: 636-777-7050

Ann Gavin entered into the Insurance and investment field in 1979 at MetLife.  Her job was sales and educating clients.  She quickly learned that the insurance industry is about serving clients.  While at MetLife, she achieved President's or Leader's Conference yearly.

In 1997 Ann moved to the New England Financial office, after it was bought out by MetLife ,and there she advanced her career and client base.  Her services broadened to working the Estate Planning and Retirement Planning markets and additionally established a base for the senior markets which include Medicare Supplement Plans, Medicare Advantage Plans, Prescription Drug Plans and Long Term Care.

In 2004, Ann moved and established an office with the Carillon Group to better serve her clients as a Broker which allowed her to work with many different companies rather than being a captive agent.  At Carillon Group, she expanded her product base and experience.

Presently, Ann is focusing her business into areas of employee benefits and senior services.  Her strengths are the ability to listen, gather information and to garner strategies that work for the client.

Ann's mission is to serve every client to the best of her ability, guiding them to their ultimate goals and vows to treat every client openly, honestly, and fairly.

Other interests in Ann's life include fishing (she was a National Fly and Bait Casting Champion for more than 15 years) and golf (formerly a golf pro at Triple A golf Club in St. Louis).  Currently she enjoys taking enrichment classes and has developed people skills and the philosophy that every positive action bears fruit and that every person and every client is important.

You can reach Ann at 636-777-7040 or email her at